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Dispute Legal Opinions

On the whole, the writer can see little advantage for Guatemala in going to the Court for a decision ex aequo et bono over going to the Court for an ordinary judgement. Neither of these courses seems, under the circumstances, to be very promising for Guatemala.

Hudson Opinion, 1958

It is not possible to sustain the Guatemalan claim to any part of the territory of Belize; all that Guatemala has is a possible claim against the United Kingdom for non-fulfilment of Article 7 of the 1859 Treaty.

Lauterpatch, 1978

The claim to Belizean territory by the Republic of Guatemala is without merit and in our opinion would be regarded as such by the International Court of Justice.

Lauterpatch et al, 2002

Guatemala’s claim does not have an impact on the drawing of the Belizean boundary.

Professor Stephen Vasciannie, CD. 2019